It’s Electric!

11 Aug

While I busy picking kitchen bling…my kitchen was receiving electrical botox. A little injection of new life. It was a fairly simple and straightforward job, but I was still on site first thing in the morning to ensure that all of my receptacles were exactly were I wanted them to be and not were the electrician placed them just because.  Of course there is something called “code” –  I’m sure you’ve heard Mike Holmes use the word – and my kitchen is now up to “code.”  What I did learn is that you must have an receptacle (plug) for every twelve inches of counter. I also learned (much to my chagrin) that you can’t have a plug in a closed cabinet. Now where am I going to plug in that dust buster?

Once the electrical was set…Sascha got to work with insulating the outside wall. Looks like  my cups are going to be toasty warm this winter, doesn’t it?

I think we’re ready for drywall!!!

Newly placed double receptical for valance lights and plug.

Single receptical - above 12" of counter.

Cozy warm.


Kitchen Bling Part 2 – Pulls and Knobs

9 Aug

I thought pulls and knobs would be a total no-brainier. In fact I thought it was such a no-brainier that I almost let our kitchen designer pick them. Screeeeech…..kidding!  I did however want to keep within the $5.00 allowance I had to work with…and trust me, 5 bucks is not much in the world of knobs and pulls. Considering some of the knobs and pulls I looked at in Summerhill Hardware were upwards of $30.00 EACH – $5.00 does seem a little on the cheap side. Anyway, luckily Danny (designer) sent us to Berenson (hardware supplier) to check some out designs, and I think we made out pretty well while staying within our budget. And you know how difficult it is to stay on budget right?

For the record – I like knobs on door and pulls on drawers…just personal preference.

My choice is the Westerly knob and pull. I think they’ll look clean and classic on my shaker cabinetry.

Kitchen Bling Part 1 – Faucets

8 Aug

I consider anything shiny in the kitchen an accessory. Where the cabinetry, counters and floors are your clothing, knobs, pulls and faucets are your accessories. And I love accessories…especially ones that shine. So yesterday’s trip to Ginger’s was almost as good as a stroll through Tiffany’s.

Generally when I think of Ginger’s – I think of bathrooms, but they do have a small and gorgeous selection of kitchen faucets as well. And  just so you know, our visit did kill two birds with one stone because our bathroom faucet has sprung a leak and needed to be replaced.

There is a huge range in price for faucets. We did swing by Lowe’s first to take a peek, but didn’t see anything that caught our eye. The faucets there ranged anywhere from about $100 to $300.  Our choice was a little pricier than that, coming in around $495, but considering my first choice was $1800…I think I did pretty well!

As a good consumer, I respected Ginger’s “no photography” policy and have instead chosen to show you some faucets that I really love and have given me inspiration for my eventual choice.

Industrial and sleek...I love it, but it might be a bit too contemporary for my kitchen.

Long neck - pretty!

Can you tell I like the one lever style?

Here is my choice - no peeking!

Framed and ready to roll…

7 Aug

Friday was framing day. Since only the outside wall was gutted, only it needed to be framed. When I look at it closely, it makes me a little queasy to think we’ll be losing inches. After-all, this kitchen reno is really all about  inches. But  Sascha (our contractor) and Danny (designer) assure me that all is well and once the plumbing and electrical are complete…we’ll pass inspection with flying colours – and our space will be perfect!

Right now…the electrical looks a bit dodgy doesn’t it?  Thank goodness the electrician will be by tomorrow afternoon to make it pretty again!

Yikes - we need an electrictian!

So enough about framing, plumbing and electrical…tomorrow I’m talking bling – kitchen bling!!!

Thanks Peter!!!

6 Aug

Timing really is everything isn’t it?

Just watching Peter Falico on season two of Home To Flip, and I’m thrilled to see that he has elected not to knock down the wall between his kitchen and dining room.

Brave move Peter…and timely for me! Notice the shaker cabinets – love em’!

Home To Flip Kitchen Reno - Season 2

Before the pretty…comes the plumbing!

5 Aug

Plumbing. I know, not terribly sexy is it?  Luckily in my galley kitchen – we didn’t need much, so rough in only took about a half a day.

We are moving the dishwasher from one side of the sink to the other (easy peasy) and installing a new Stelrad style radiator.  This required disconnecting the old cast iron rad, and while it sounds strait forward, all the rads in the house have to be bled (emptied of water) before you can begin working on one.  Thankfully the job was quick and painless  (only a few hours with no water) and we’re ready for the new rad. Hey scrap metal dude…you can come back and pick up my old rad now!!!

Two small copper pipes almost ready for a sleek new rad!

More new cooper pipes!

Giving tiny new meaning!

3 Aug

And here I thought my kitchen was small.

Check out this NY kitchen from one of my fave blogs Habitually Chic!

I love NY!