Over the years  I’ve kept a little diary in my head of kitchen’s that I love. While I’m not able to incorporate every element into my galley kitchen reno, I think I’m going to successfully include some!

Here are kitchen’s I love:

Sarah Richardson

I don’t care how small my space is…I don’t want a microwave over the stove. I absolutely love the built in look of this microwave. We don’t use the microwave very often, but I think I’d miss not having it for the occasional warm-up or quick bag of popcorn.

Aya Kitchens

This kitchen makes me very happy. It’s difficult to see the tiles on the backsplash, but they are small rectangular stone tiles in neutral tones. Love them! I love how sleek and clean this kitchen looks.

From Apartment Therapy

Nothing quite cozies up a room with hardwood like an area rug. And I think the kitchen is no exception. A galley kitchen is long and narrow…so go with it and place a fabulous runner right down the center. Love!

Since I didn’t have enough space to work in a wine fridge…or a complete wine cellar in my basement, I had to fight for my sixteen bottle, open display wine rack. I love it now…and I’m going to love it more when it’s full of bottles. Anyone want to LCBO shop with me?

Sarah Richardson


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