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3 Aug

I’ve received a few questions about the reno on my personal Facebook page from friends. Thought I would address them here for everyone.

Q: Are you knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room?

A: No we are not knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room. This is usually the first thing most buyers of original Leaside home do – out goes the wall! While we did look at this option a few years ago – and even went so far as to have architects drawings done, we decided to leave the wall up for one main reason; It’s not as easy a job as in most standard homes. 😦 Sadly, our second floor load does not sit on top the first floor load. Unfortunately this would require not one beam, but two (think a big T)…and either a very costly reno, or two unsightly bulkheads. So the wall stays up, the kitchen will still look great and I save money for the mammoth island I will have in my next home. 🙂 Remember while we love this home – we’re quickly growing out of it. We hope future buyers will love the new kitchen.

P.S. A house across the street from ours sold a little over a year ago for a record amount. Guess what? Galley kitchen! If it looks great…it’ll sell!!!

Q: I love the flooring. Is it going?

A: Yes, the flooring is going. We really liked the stone tile when we moved in almost eight years ago, but it’s already in the dumpster for a couple of reasons. First, it’s brutal to clean and second, it’s hard on the legs and believe it or not…your socks.  A couple of summers ago we installed new hardwood on the rest of the main floor, so we’ll be installing the same hardwood in the kitchen.

Q: You’re not getting rid of the heated tiles are you?

A: Bye, bye electric heating under the stone tile! While cozy…it’ll be unnecessary under the new hardwood floor. We will be replacing the old cast iron radiator with a new sleek Stelrad style radiator.

Old cast iron radiator

New Stelrad style raidator