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Before the pretty…comes the plumbing!

5 Aug

Plumbing. I know, not terribly sexy is it?  Luckily in my galley kitchen – we didn’t need much, so rough in only took about a half a day.

We are moving the dishwasher from one side of the sink to the other (easy peasy) and installing a new Stelrad style radiator.  This required disconnecting the old cast iron rad, and while it sounds strait forward, all the rads in the house have to be bled (emptied of water) before you can begin working on one.  Thankfully the job was quick and painless  (only a few hours with no water) and we’re ready for the new rad. Hey scrap metal dude…you can come back and pick up my old rad now!!!

Two small copper pipes almost ready for a sleek new rad!

More new cooper pipes!