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The cabinets are here!!!!

17 Aug

With the gorgeous new hardwood covered up again, and the smell of paint primer fresh in the air…my new cabinets were delivered! Yes, can you believe we’re already there? Therein lies the beauty of a small kitchen.  This comes after a couple of days of very hard work for Sasha (including Saturday). He’s been busy with drywall and plaster while I’ve been out enjoying the fabulous weather we’ve been having.  My new sleek radiator has also been installed and I’m thrilled that it’s smaller than I expected – bonus!

The boxes (cabinets) look fabulous – more spacious than I imagine and all with all the soft closures on the drawers working like a charm.  Today they’ll be installed and you can trust that I won’t be too far away when Danny comes by to discuss knobs and pulls.  Check back later tonight for the progress.

New radiatior and shiny harwood.

The long narrow boxes are the valance pieces.

This cabinet goes above the fridge - note the tray storage.

Pantries with broom closet on far right.

View of kitchen from hallway. Looks much larger with the casings around the door gone.

Drawers and the opening for the bulit-in microwave.

Notice we left the wee bit of vintage wall paper behind the pantry. When another family reno's this kitchen - they'll have a little suprise!

Incidentally the interior of all the cabinets – which is what you see, is maple. My actual doors will be white…just in case there was any confusion!


Let’s get cooking!

13 Aug

Stainless steel is shiny, so it’s considered bling right? Big huge honkin’ bling baby!

Just because we’re considering selling this house (with gorgeous kitchen included) doesn’t mean we’ve spared any expense during the reno. We want it to look fabulous and a fabulous looking kitchen deserves beautiful appliances. Unfortunately because the kitchen is so small, I had walk past the Wolf Ranges and Sub Zero Refrigerators. And while Viking Appliances would be my first choice for a larger kitchen, we decided on Kitchen Aid for this kitchen with the exception of a Bosch paneled front dishwasher.

We compared prices at two appliance retailers, Tasco and Caplan’s and went with Caplan’s. Buying a package of appliances is definitely the way to get a better price and at the time of our purchase there was a Kitchen Aid promotion going on.

All in all, we purchased a fridge, stove, dishwasher, range hood and built-in compatible microwave and trim kit.  All of this plus tax came out to about $10,000. This is a major portion of the reno budget…but worth every penny! After living with skinny fridge for eight years, I can’t wait for my big-girl fridge, with ice and cold water to boot!

Kitchen Aid French Door Refridgerator

Kitchen Aid slide in Range.

Kitchen Aid Wall Mount Range Hood

Now we’re rolling…

13 Aug

It’s amazing how as soon as the drywall goes up…your room begins to  look like something. There’s no exception with our galley kitchen. Unfortunately my camera battery has run out and I can’t find it. No real suprise while there’s a reno going on. I am making toast in the living room after-all!

The good news is I was quick enough with my iPhone to get a shot of the hardwood being laid. Currently it’s all covered up to protect it while the work continues. The kitchen already appears bigger.

Gorgeous harwood and a non-existant archway. Love it!

Similar angle - before

As a small side project yesterday, my husband had a great idea.  He suggested we remove the old molding from around doorways at the entrance to the kitchen from the hallway.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to snap a before picture. But the after is a huge change. We gain about four inches – and as I’ve said before, in a small house size does matter.

It's a dark shot, but this is the entrance to kitchen from the front hallway...moldings gone, inches gained!

From the kitchen to the front hallway. The entrance to the basement is on the left.

Now we’ll have a smooth uniform wall from the hallway to the kitchen. I’m already planning a great photo gallery!

Today the work continues with  moldings and priming…already, yay!!!

Kitchen Bling Part 1 – Faucets

8 Aug

I consider anything shiny in the kitchen an accessory. Where the cabinetry, counters and floors are your clothing, knobs, pulls and faucets are your accessories. And I love accessories…especially ones that shine. So yesterday’s trip to Ginger’s was almost as good as a stroll through Tiffany’s.

Generally when I think of Ginger’s – I think of bathrooms, but they do have a small and gorgeous selection of kitchen faucets as well. And  just so you know, our visit did kill two birds with one stone because our bathroom faucet has sprung a leak and needed to be replaced.

There is a huge range in price for faucets. We did swing by Lowe’s first to take a peek, but didn’t see anything that caught our eye. The faucets there ranged anywhere from about $100 to $300.  Our choice was a little pricier than that, coming in around $495, but considering my first choice was $1800…I think I did pretty well!

As a good consumer, I respected Ginger’s “no photography” policy and have instead chosen to show you some faucets that I really love and have given me inspiration for my eventual choice.

Industrial and sleek...I love it, but it might be a bit too contemporary for my kitchen.

Long neck - pretty!

Can you tell I like the one lever style?

Here is my choice - no peeking!

Thanks Peter!!!

6 Aug

Timing really is everything isn’t it?

Just watching Peter Falico on season two of Home To Flip, and I’m thrilled to see that he has elected not to knock down the wall between his kitchen and dining room.

Brave move Peter…and timely for me! Notice the shaker cabinets – love em’!

Home To Flip Kitchen Reno - Season 2

Before the pretty…comes the plumbing!

5 Aug

Plumbing. I know, not terribly sexy is it?  Luckily in my galley kitchen – we didn’t need much, so rough in only took about a half a day.

We are moving the dishwasher from one side of the sink to the other (easy peasy) and installing a new Stelrad style radiator.  This required disconnecting the old cast iron rad, and while it sounds strait forward, all the rads in the house have to be bled (emptied of water) before you can begin working on one.  Thankfully the job was quick and painless  (only a few hours with no water) and we’re ready for the new rad. Hey scrap metal dude…you can come back and pick up my old rad now!!!

Two small copper pipes almost ready for a sleek new rad!

More new cooper pipes!

Q & A

3 Aug

I’ve received a few questions about the reno on my personal Facebook page from friends. Thought I would address them here for everyone.

Q: Are you knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room?

A: No we are not knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room. This is usually the first thing most buyers of original Leaside home do – out goes the wall! While we did look at this option a few years ago – and even went so far as to have architects drawings done, we decided to leave the wall up for one main reason; It’s not as easy a job as in most standard homes. 😦 Sadly, our second floor load does not sit on top the first floor load. Unfortunately this would require not one beam, but two (think a big T)…and either a very costly reno, or two unsightly bulkheads. So the wall stays up, the kitchen will still look great and I save money for the mammoth island I will have in my next home. 🙂 Remember while we love this home – we’re quickly growing out of it. We hope future buyers will love the new kitchen.

P.S. A house across the street from ours sold a little over a year ago for a record amount. Guess what? Galley kitchen! If it looks great…it’ll sell!!!

Q: I love the flooring. Is it going?

A: Yes, the flooring is going. We really liked the stone tile when we moved in almost eight years ago, but it’s already in the dumpster for a couple of reasons. First, it’s brutal to clean and second, it’s hard on the legs and believe it or not…your socks.  A couple of summers ago we installed new hardwood on the rest of the main floor, so we’ll be installing the same hardwood in the kitchen.

Q: You’re not getting rid of the heated tiles are you?

A: Bye, bye electric heating under the stone tile! While cozy…it’ll be unnecessary under the new hardwood floor. We will be replacing the old cast iron radiator with a new sleek Stelrad style radiator.

Old cast iron radiator

New Stelrad style raidator