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Let’s get cooking!

13 Aug

Stainless steel is shiny, so it’s considered bling right? Big huge honkin’ bling baby!

Just because we’re considering selling this house (with gorgeous kitchen included) doesn’t mean we’ve spared any expense during the reno. We want it to look fabulous and a fabulous looking kitchen deserves beautiful appliances. Unfortunately because the kitchen is so small, I had walk past the Wolf Ranges and Sub Zero Refrigerators. And while Viking Appliances would be my first choice for a larger kitchen, we decided on Kitchen Aid for this kitchen with the exception of a Bosch paneled front dishwasher.

We compared prices at two appliance retailers, Tasco and Caplan’s and went with Caplan’s. Buying a package of appliances is definitely the way to get a better price and at the time of our purchase there was a Kitchen Aid promotion going on.

All in all, we purchased a fridge, stove, dishwasher, range hood and built-in compatible microwave and trim kit.  All of this plus tax came out to about $10,000. This is a major portion of the reno budget…but worth every penny! After living with skinny fridge for eight years, I can’t wait for my big-girl fridge, with ice and cold water to boot!

Kitchen Aid French Door Refridgerator

Kitchen Aid slide in Range.

Kitchen Aid Wall Mount Range Hood


Kitchen Bling Part 1 – Faucets

8 Aug

I consider anything shiny in the kitchen an accessory. Where the cabinetry, counters and floors are your clothing, knobs, pulls and faucets are your accessories. And I love accessories…especially ones that shine. So yesterday’s trip to Ginger’s was almost as good as a stroll through Tiffany’s.

Generally when I think of Ginger’s – I think of bathrooms, but they do have a small and gorgeous selection of kitchen faucets as well. And  just so you know, our visit did kill two birds with one stone because our bathroom faucet has sprung a leak and needed to be replaced.

There is a huge range in price for faucets. We did swing by Lowe’s first to take a peek, but didn’t see anything that caught our eye. The faucets there ranged anywhere from about $100 to $300.  Our choice was a little pricier than that, coming in around $495, but considering my first choice was $1800…I think I did pretty well!

As a good consumer, I respected Ginger’s “no photography” policy and have instead chosen to show you some faucets that I really love and have given me inspiration for my eventual choice.

Industrial and sleek...I love it, but it might be a bit too contemporary for my kitchen.

Long neck - pretty!

Can you tell I like the one lever style?

Here is my choice - no peeking!