The cabinets are here!!!!

17 Aug

With the gorgeous new hardwood covered up again, and the smell of paint primer fresh in the air…my new cabinets were delivered! Yes, can you believe we’re already there? Therein lies the beauty of a small kitchen.  This comes after a couple of days of very hard work for Sasha (including Saturday). He’s been busy with drywall and plaster while I’ve been out enjoying the fabulous weather we’ve been having.  My new sleek radiator has also been installed and I’m thrilled that it’s smaller than I expected – bonus!

The boxes (cabinets) look fabulous – more spacious than I imagine and all with all the soft closures on the drawers working like a charm.  Today they’ll be installed and you can trust that I won’t be too far away when Danny comes by to discuss knobs and pulls.  Check back later tonight for the progress.

New radiatior and shiny harwood.

The long narrow boxes are the valance pieces.

This cabinet goes above the fridge - note the tray storage.

Pantries with broom closet on far right.

View of kitchen from hallway. Looks much larger with the casings around the door gone.

Drawers and the opening for the bulit-in microwave.

Notice we left the wee bit of vintage wall paper behind the pantry. When another family reno's this kitchen - they'll have a little suprise!

Incidentally the interior of all the cabinets – which is what you see, is maple. My actual doors will be white…just in case there was any confusion!


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