Now we’re rolling…

13 Aug

It’s amazing how as soon as the drywall goes up…your room begins to  look like something. There’s no exception with our galley kitchen. Unfortunately my camera battery has run out and I can’t find it. No real suprise while there’s a reno going on. I am making toast in the living room after-all!

The good news is I was quick enough with my iPhone to get a shot of the hardwood being laid. Currently it’s all covered up to protect it while the work continues. The kitchen already appears bigger.

Gorgeous harwood and a non-existant archway. Love it!

Similar angle - before

As a small side project yesterday, my husband had a great idea.  He suggested we remove the old molding from around doorways at the entrance to the kitchen from the hallway.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to snap a before picture. But the after is a huge change. We gain about four inches – and as I’ve said before, in a small house size does matter.

It's a dark shot, but this is the entrance to kitchen from the front hallway...moldings gone, inches gained!

From the kitchen to the front hallway. The entrance to the basement is on the left.

Now we’ll have a smooth uniform wall from the hallway to the kitchen. I’m already planning a great photo gallery!

Today the work continues with  moldings and priming…already, yay!!!


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