I’m sorry…your backsplash tiles have been discontinued!

11 Sep

Say what? Yes – shit does happen and yes, my gorgeous white marble tiles were discontinued. It appears “they” have been having trouble with the product and “it” continually did not pass inspection. BAM – make another choice please! Ugh…and just when the end of my proverbial renovation rope was close…it was suddenly wrapped around my neck. All this on the day that the tiles were to be installed – of course. Oh wait, did I mention this happened on the first day of school? Um hmm. “Sasha, implement Plan B right away – I can’t stand this anymore?” What’s Plan B you ask? Clean, classic, crisp white subway tile! Done and done! 🙂

Now…let’s get the range hood up so I can get cookin’!!!



At long last….we have a counter top!

3 Sep

The one thing I wasn’t anticipating about my kitchen reno was the two week wait for my counter top.  Counters can’t be ordered until the cabinetry has gone in, then they come and template and put you in the que with everyone else.  Last night I came home to my very hardworking contractor Sasha completing the counter install with the stone team. This made me very happy!

We chose a Quartz counter product by CaesarStone.  CaesarStone offers a range of 36 colours to choose from. While I love marble, I know that the maintenance it requires does not match my home keeping style. Quartz surfaces are scratch and virtually stain resistant and I am a big fan of the consistent colour. We went with a cool, clean taupe called Latte.  I only had a small sample piece to look at, but I’m thrilled with my choice. It’s a subtle contrast against the white cabinetry and keeps the kitchen looking warm and inviting.

5' of cool, clean Quartz

Next up…back splash and range hood install!

Making a splash…backsplash that is!

25 Aug

I’ve always been very intimidated by Olympia Tile on Lawrence West. It’s a huge industrial building with a dozen foreboding loading docks for eighteen wheelers on the side. So needless to say…it was the last stop in our search for a back splash.  Luckily I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to find exactly what we were looking for inside the very well laid out show room.  We had pretty much decided on a subway tile look because it’s simple and clean in appearance. I’m not a fan of glass tile in the kitchen so really it came down to finding a ceramic or marble that we liked.

We choose a honed marble in Dolomite White – 2″ x 4″ tiles in a brick pattern.  The white is perfect with just a touch of light grey/brown veining to match our quartz counter tops (another post).   I’m sure it’s going to look fantastic!

Bit by bit…it’s coming together!

22 Aug

There is absolutely nothing better when you renovate and the after shot is truly a dramatic change.  My kitchen is been slowly transformed from a big-box store ugly duckling to a custom swan. And while we’re not quite there yet…I can offer you one dramatic sneak peek.

By now you're familiar with the old west wall of the kitchen...complete with skinny fridge.

Here is the new west wall, complete with pantry, spot for bulit-in microwave, wine rack, upper and lower cabinetry.

The new west wall.




























The cabinets are here!!!!

17 Aug

With the gorgeous new hardwood covered up again, and the smell of paint primer fresh in the air…my new cabinets were delivered! Yes, can you believe we’re already there? Therein lies the beauty of a small kitchen.  This comes after a couple of days of very hard work for Sasha (including Saturday). He’s been busy with drywall and plaster while I’ve been out enjoying the fabulous weather we’ve been having.  My new sleek radiator has also been installed and I’m thrilled that it’s smaller than I expected – bonus!

The boxes (cabinets) look fabulous – more spacious than I imagine and all with all the soft closures on the drawers working like a charm.  Today they’ll be installed and you can trust that I won’t be too far away when Danny comes by to discuss knobs and pulls.  Check back later tonight for the progress.

New radiatior and shiny harwood.

The long narrow boxes are the valance pieces.

This cabinet goes above the fridge - note the tray storage.

Pantries with broom closet on far right.

View of kitchen from hallway. Looks much larger with the casings around the door gone.

Drawers and the opening for the bulit-in microwave.

Notice we left the wee bit of vintage wall paper behind the pantry. When another family reno's this kitchen - they'll have a little suprise!

Incidentally the interior of all the cabinets – which is what you see, is maple. My actual doors will be white…just in case there was any confusion!

Let’s get cooking!

13 Aug

Stainless steel is shiny, so it’s considered bling right? Big huge honkin’ bling baby!

Just because we’re considering selling this house (with gorgeous kitchen included) doesn’t mean we’ve spared any expense during the reno. We want it to look fabulous and a fabulous looking kitchen deserves beautiful appliances. Unfortunately because the kitchen is so small, I had walk past the Wolf Ranges and Sub Zero Refrigerators. And while Viking Appliances would be my first choice for a larger kitchen, we decided on Kitchen Aid for this kitchen with the exception of a Bosch paneled front dishwasher.

We compared prices at two appliance retailers, Tasco and Caplan’s and went with Caplan’s. Buying a package of appliances is definitely the way to get a better price and at the time of our purchase there was a Kitchen Aid promotion going on.

All in all, we purchased a fridge, stove, dishwasher, range hood and built-in compatible microwave and trim kit.  All of this plus tax came out to about $10,000. This is a major portion of the reno budget…but worth every penny! After living with skinny fridge for eight years, I can’t wait for my big-girl fridge, with ice and cold water to boot!

Kitchen Aid French Door Refridgerator

Kitchen Aid slide in Range.

Kitchen Aid Wall Mount Range Hood

Now we’re rolling…

13 Aug

It’s amazing how as soon as the drywall goes up…your room begins to  look like something. There’s no exception with our galley kitchen. Unfortunately my camera battery has run out and I can’t find it. No real suprise while there’s a reno going on. I am making toast in the living room after-all!

The good news is I was quick enough with my iPhone to get a shot of the hardwood being laid. Currently it’s all covered up to protect it while the work continues. The kitchen already appears bigger.

Gorgeous harwood and a non-existant archway. Love it!

Similar angle - before

As a small side project yesterday, my husband had a great idea.  He suggested we remove the old molding from around doorways at the entrance to the kitchen from the hallway.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to snap a before picture. But the after is a huge change. We gain about four inches – and as I’ve said before, in a small house size does matter.

It's a dark shot, but this is the entrance to kitchen from the front hallway...moldings gone, inches gained!

From the kitchen to the front hallway. The entrance to the basement is on the left.

Now we’ll have a smooth uniform wall from the hallway to the kitchen. I’m already planning a great photo gallery!

Today the work continues with  moldings and priming…already, yay!!!